The Carnegie Club was created to connect students with each other, to discuss the greater issues of our day, and to challenge their own opinions through frequent dinner debates amongst members. Members represent all types of nationalities, backgrounds, perspectives, and degree subjects. Club debate and diversity continues to remain a central and valuable part of our mission in this regard.

Above all, the Club remains true to our founding purpose: to encourage students at the University to share ideas and engage with the world around us.  

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Our Events

The Club hosts a variety of inspiring events, underlining our commitment to rousing debate and one's educational self-improvement. 

Our annual IDEAS Conference highlights pressing issues in contemporary society, sharing experts' knowledge and encouraging all to share both competing and complementary opinions. 

We also organise professional skills and recruitment events, giving students in St Andrews the opportunity to network and improve their employability. 

Events are open to the student body and greater St Andrews community. 



"To get all the education one can"


"To make all the money one can"


"To give it all away to worthwhile causes"


The Carnegie Dictum


"To get all the education one can, to make all the money one can, and to give it all away to worthwhile causes"

Based on the Andrew Carnegie dictum, our Club mission to Learn | Earn | Return highlights the club's values, which Carnegie exemplified in his own life: to hard work, self-improvement, and an awareness of those around oneself.

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