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Europe’s Right on The Rise

The Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) has gained sufficient success in Austrian politics despite its clear origins as a pro-Nazi party. Is Europe willing to forget its past in favor of political ideals which promise a semblance of stability?

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Modern Day Accusations

Does call out culture legitimately give voice to victims of wrongdoing by allowing them to make accusations from their computers? Or does it detract from the focus of dismantling institutional injustice by allowing people to make claims and discuss issues in a relatively anonymous way?

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Illegitimate Information on Public Platforms

Do search engines have an obligation to provide free admittance to news websites, albeit a limited amount? Is it ethical to restrict the public's access to news by requiring them to pay for it?

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Capitalism vs The Climate

Are the forces of capitalism destined to conflict with environmental protection? As of right now, they may be. A 2013 study found that two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions were produced by only 90 companies.

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